Crypto art

NFT Token

Today I work as an NFT artist and create NFT Token as 3D animation, photos and videos.

I use X3DOM, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, photographs and videos.



To trade with my NFT Tokens, you need a wallet with Solana crypto.

Today I use the wallet from Phantom and the Norwegian wallet FIRI. They can trade with Solana.

If you have Solana, you can shop in certain "shops", but there are shops where, for example, you can only shop with Ethereum.

You can compare it to the fact that in Norwegian shops we trade with Norwegian money, but in Swedish shops you have to pay with Swedish money.

I have chosen to use as a marketplace. One of the reasons is that you have to verify that you are the owner of what you post.


The Norwegian company FIRI explains well: What is NFT? External Link icon

Link to my collections at External Link icon

in the marketplace

Collection Hens and Rooster videos

Chickens (videos)

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Totot in PuppyPen in Solsea Internal Link icon

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Happy Easter in Solsea Internal Link icon

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Petra paints as a cat in Solsea Internal Link icon

Collection Hens and Rooster pictures